Underground Utilities

Teal Construction, Inc is the leading underground utility contractor on the Delmarva Peninsula. Teal Construction Inc, has also been recognized in Underground Utility Magazine. Systems include under drain, storm sewer, underground storm water detention, sanitary sewer, vacuum sewer, portable water distribution and leachate collection.


Teal Construction, Inc has completed extensive private building and development site work for both large and small projects. Work including construction of parking lots, utility work, drainage, sidewalks, bike paths, retaining walls, pump stations, hot mix, concrete curb and gutter, dirt embankments and retaining ponds. Teal Construction, Inc has a proven track record to be competitive force in the local site work market.

Wastewater & Water Treatment

Teal Construction, Inc works to provide long range wastewater transmission, collection and treatment projects. Teal Construction, Inc also provides industrial-scale processes to make water more acceptable for an end use, which may be drinking, industry or medicine.

On-Call & Emergency

Teal Construction, Inc's experienced and dedicated crews are on call for emergency work on the Delmarva Peninsula. We are ready to fix collapsed sewer and storm pipes and structures. Broken water main services and fire hydrants.